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Fun Bed for Cats

Product Description

Provide more comfort and fun for your pet with the Fun Bed!
Choosing the ideal bed for your feline can provide better weight distribution and support for muscles and joints while he sleeps, providing a better night's sleep and well-being.

This bed with a burrow design is a favorite among kittens. It has a super cozy shape and accompanies an ultra soft pillow so your pet doesn't defect!

In addition, it has a hanging rattle that guarantees fun all the time for your kitty. It has a flexible finish, making it more practical to assemble and disassemble, excellent for taking on trips.


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Informations about the product

Brand: SoftSleep
Material: 100% cotton
Type: Fun Bed
Made for: Cats and Small Dogs
Feature: Removable cover
Washing Style: Mechanical Washing


  • Quality materials, resistant seams and impeccable finishing guarantee the durability of the product.
  • Instant comfort: padding in silicone fiber, leaving the bed soft and light, but with a certain firmness.
  • Easy washing: the base cushion has a zipper to remove its filling, allowing the cover to be machine washed.
  • Fun and creative design to integrate with your home environments.
  • Breathable, non-slip and moisture-proof bottom