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Cloak of Three Dimensional Haircut

Product Description

The Three-Dimensional Haircut Cloak is the perfect choice for any beauty professional or person who likes to cut their hair at home. It's made of breathable cloth and features a three-dimensional opening that lets you get a clear, accurate view of your hair as you cut. The cloak is foldable, easy to carry and store. It is designed to fit average-sized adults and is perfect for home use. The hair dye is easy to clean and has no problem with washing. If you are looking for a quality hair cutting tool, this is the one for you.

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Informations about the product

Brand: Digitaling
Product: Haircut Cloak
Recommended age: From children to medium adult
Material: Plastic
Width: 58.42 centimeters
Center circumference: 35.56 centimeters
Condition: items in stock
Certification: CE