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Example product title

  • Make up brushes

    Regular price R$ 125,45
    Regular price R$ 150,75 Sale price R$ 125,45
    Make up brushesMake up brushes
  • mini nail dryer cabin

    Regular price R$ 42,79
    Regular price R$ 49,66 Sale price R$ 42,79
    mini nail dryer cabinmini nail dryer cabin
  • in-ear hearing aid

    Regular price From R$ 115,35
    Regular price Sale price From R$ 115,35
    in-ear hearing aidin-ear hearing aid
  • Digital Pressure Gauge

    Regular price R$ 119,91
    Regular price R$ 168,30 Sale price R$ 119,91
    Digital Pressure GaugeDigital Pressure Gauge
  • Hair clips

    Regular price R$ 56,16
    Regular price Sale price R$ 56,16
    Hair clips Hair clips
  • Manicure and Pedicure Kit

    Regular price R$ 75,82
    Regular price Sale price R$ 75,82
    Manicure and Pedicure Kit Manicure and Pedicure Kit
  • Muscle Toner

    Regular price From R$ 67,64
    Regular price Sale price From R$ 67,64
    Muscle Toner Muscle Toner
  • bamboo brush

    Regular price R$ 72,30
    Regular price Sale price R$ 72,30
    bamboo brush bamboo brush
  • Bamboo soap holder

    Regular price R$ 62,49
    Regular price Sale price R$ 62,49
    Bamboo soap holder Bamboo soap holder
  • ultrasonic skin scrubber

    Regular price R$ 155,14
    Regular price Sale price R$ 155,14
    ultrasonic skin scrubber ultrasonic skin scrubber
  • professional hair scissors

    Regular price From R$ 141,42
    Regular price Sale price From R$ 141,42
    professional hair scissors professional hair scissors
  • Bamboo ecological brush

    Regular price From R$ 64,99
    Regular price Sale price From R$ 64,99
    Bamboo ecological brushBamboo ecological brush
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