#01 Dicas 10 | Decoração Geek

#01 Tips 10 | geek decor

If you're a fan of technology, electronics, games, comics, manga, books, movies and series, you probably have an action figure waiting for the right idea to show. In this 10 Tips, we'll help you decorate environments using your action figures.

For your Geek decoration project to be top notch, you need to keep in mind that you need to be organized. From there, we'll show you how you can organize your action figures successfully.


The distribution of the elements that make up an exhibition should basically follow two main rules

Focal point - When there is the presentation of a strong element that directs people's gaze into your collection and that induces the observation of your entire sample.

Visual balance - The harmony created from the composition of the action figures, which can be formal, when the same objects used form a symmetrical image, and informal, when several objects create an asymmetrical distribution.

From there, you can select your favorite characters based on specific themes, colors, sizes or choose characters from the same universe.

#1 simple 

This format is ideal for those who have a few action figures in their collection and for those who don't have much space. You can use characters from the same universe or select the action figures available that will also look great.

#2 Frames

The choice of board format, characters and organization is the key to success. You can opt for a more balanced visual organization or insert a contrast using antagonistic characters like Joker and Batman, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, or any other hero and villain. It will depend on your imagination and desire.

#3 Functional

Your Geek decor can also be dynamic and fun. This adds a lot of value to the environment, as it brings people closer to interacting with objects.

#4 wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a good alternative for those who don't have much money to invest.

#5 Thematic

Thematic environments have the ability to transport us into the scene, making the scenario exciting and at the same time epic. You can completely transform the environment or just insert parts of a scene.

#6 LED

The LEDs are a good way to liven up the atmosphere during that set section.

#7 Shelf

The use of linear shelves can be a good option for your action figures. But, be careful with excess, as the lack of a central object (focal) can make the look unattractive and messy. Remember that less is more when decorating.

#8 Showcase

Some interesting facts about the showcase: it creates pasteurized paradises, instant dreams, in which people can see their world, their product of desire, and find their happiness. The first historical records referring to showcases date back to the 15th century, referring to large decorative furniture, which most often were located in the reception rooms of European houses, and were known as Cabinets de Curiosités . In the Victorian period, during the first half of the 19th century, craftsmen and merchants began to display their products inside their homes, through their windows and doors, so that passers-by could appreciate them.

#9 Kangaroo Mustard

These 3 options are ideas for those who are starting a Geek decoration. At Kanguru Mustard you will find a variety of Action Figures for you to assemble your Geek decoration. Click on Geek just below and find your happiness.

♥ Geek

#10 Sustainable 

And finally, sustainable decor, a little imagination, will, paint and some pieces of PVC pipe you can create endless possibilities for your Geek decor.

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