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Little Animal Puppets

Product Description

The Animal Hand Puppet is an ideal companion for storytelling and stimulating children's creativity. Made with high quality materials, especially soft cotton, this hand puppet is safe and comfortable for children to use. With its dimensions of 25-38 centimeters, it fits perfectly in the hands of adults, allowing them to control the puppet's movements and bring the different animals to life.

Recommended for storytelling, the Animal Hand Puppet is an educational tool that provides interaction and fun. By creating characters and roleplaying them, children develop linguistic, cognitive and emotional skills. In addition, the hand puppet stimulates the imagination, allowing the little ones to create their own stories and immerse themselves in unique adventures.

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Informations about the product

Brand: Flfltoy
Product: Hand puppet
Recommended: Recommended for Storytelling
Type: Hand puppet
Series: Animals
Material: Cotton
Certification: CE
Dimensions: 25-38 Centimeters