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3D virtual reality glasses case

Product Description

Original VR 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Stereo Google Headset Headset For IOS ANDROID Wireless.

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Informations about the product

Brand Shinecon
Compatible Device SMARTPHONES
Certification EC
Model Binocular
Viewing experience Immersive
controllers Yes
Type of 3D glasses Virtual reality
Package Yes
Wireless network type Shinecon G06 VR Glasses
Model Number SC-G06, SC-G06E
FOV 80-100 degrees
Set type Controller Sets
Agroup Pack 5
Ports Shinecon G06E VR Glasses
Item Type 3D Glasses / VR Glasses
Rocker Features Wireless multifunctional rocker, remote control, joystick, mouse
Bluetooth Compatible Game Controller For Android IOS smartphone
wireless remote For Android Smartphone Tablet PC
Compatible phone screen size 4.5-6.53 inch smartphone
Wide use For iPhone IOS and Android
Product Size 15.5 * 21 * 14cm
Media Format WAV
Glass classification Red and blue/red green 3D glasses
Preview Effect Equivalent to 3m, watching a 1050 inch screen