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Security alarm for self defense

Product Description

Security alarm for self-defense with a volume of 100 decibels. It only weighs 42g, has a small size, is easy to carry, is powered by a 12v 23a battery, and has 5 colors available. When you feel you're in danger, just pull the metal pin and it will emit a 120 decibel sound. The sound will also warn others around you that you are in danger. The alarm is perfect for children, students, elderly, disabled, women, night shift workers and people who live alone. Important Notice: Do not place the alarm close to your ear to avoid hearing damage.

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Informations about the product

Brand: Pegatah
Certificate : CE
Sound frequency: 120 decibels
Weight: 42g
Material: ABS plastic
Power: 23a 12v battery (included).
Dimensions: 6.1x4.2x2cm
How to use: Pull the alarm string and it will ring
Available colors: Pink | Yellow | Blue | Red | Black